Vanessa Zamora

Life Coach & Business Strategist

c: 949.254.1268

Thank you for your interest in Manifesting and Mimosas!

As far as the future of Manifesting and Mimosas, we will continue to provide a series of empowering quarterly workshops where we can laugh, cry, dance, but more importantly inspire.

In ongoing seminars you’ll meet breathwork meditation facilitators, successful female entrepreneurs,  motivational speakers, personal development and fitness coaches, educators who have a nact for teaching others how to access their true potential, as well as branding and marketing experts and much more. 

The Mimosas aren’t a big part of the experience, it’s really just a staple in which we close our workshop with a toast to the future in which we wish to create going forward. We focus more on the manifesting which is the bigger part of the brand where we give real life example of how we’re already manifesting in our day to day lives.  We create our reality through our thoughts so we teach how one can create new realities based on thoughts, words and actions.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Its a circle of trust in a community where it’s okay to be authentic and transparent. 

After spending just a few minutes in this atmosphere you’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on any challenge your life may present to you and accomplish every single goal! Women all over Los Angeles are raving about Manifesting and Mimosas and it’s become quite the trendsetting spark that’s needed in our communities and it’s encouraging more women to create their own series of seminars. The ripple effect is quite incredible!!