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Life Coach & Business Strategist

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path to Achieve your Goals 

  Vanessa helps high performing overachievers reach the next level and release self limiting believes blocking them in their journey / course / career.

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Goal Setting for Both Entrepreneurs and Non-Entreprenuers

Mindset / Breaking Patterns / Kicking Addiction

Marketing / Brand Building


Goal Setting for Both Entrepreneurs and Non-Entreprenuers

They say “a goal without a deadline is just a wish!” Vanessa mentors clients to create strategic timelines leading them to unique, customized milestones, ultimately resulting to crushing their goals and moving onto even bigger ones!

Mindset / Breaking Patterns / Kicking Addiction

As a trained as a coach, NLP practitioner, and Motivational Speaker, Vanessa can help clients reframe perspective to achieve new positive habits and mindsets. This varied program encompasses everything from low motivation to bad relationships to addition.


Vanessa has over a decade of sales and marketing experience with both in person and digital platforms. Her experience in creating strategic marketing plans yields proven results.


Vanessa guides her clients to reach their fitness goals by taking part in activities that bring them fulfillment and joy.

What is life coaching and would it help me? 

Vanessa works with people on both their personal and professional goals, situations, and strategies. With over a decade of experience, Vanessa’s proven results have helped small business owners, corporate leaders, mothers, battered women, and high performing over-achievers all over the country!

Who are some of Vanessa’s Clients? 

Some of the current women that she collaborates with are highly energetic and successful in life and business who have also been through their own share of setbacks yet they still have a heart to serve and are passionate about empowering others. Erika Morales, one of Golden Memorial Insurance Six Figure Earners, Melanie Marden, Maxim Cover Model, Diana Smith, Entrepreneur and Radio personality, Monica Mejorado, Intuitive transformation coach just to name a few. They all bring their set of tools to the table as far as what has helped them succeed in business, relationships, family and the balance of it all.  

Who is Vanessa Zamora?

I am a 36-year-old Latina, I started my life as some would say “ass backwards”. usually people go to college after high school, start their career, then get married and have children.

At the age of 13 I was a lost teenager trying to find myself affiliating myself with gangs, fights and boys. I inevitably found myself 14 1/2 and pregnant. Instead of going to homecoming or having a quinceañera, I had a baby shower. I had my daughter when I was 15 years old. I went on to have 2 more kids with the father of my children who was an active gang member. Throughout our entire relationship we had a very toxic dynamic as his drug use would initiate fights, police domestic violence calls to the house, car accidents under the influence, shoot outs and so forth. I always knew that there was something wrong with the situation but I was in such fear of living without the person that I had known since I was 13 and shared children with that I was afraid to leave. because of his manipulation that ”You will never make it without me” “you will never find anyone better than me” “you are nothing with out me” in that situation,I felt like a powerless victim, my self-esteem was below ground level, I was on Prozac for depression and projected anger onto my children. I knew I wasn’t helping the situation and things had to change. A friend told me to set a goal. I set a goal to that by my 30th birthday I would end the relationship, get divorced and move out and start my journey as a single mom. I always had a feeling deep down inside that I was meant for more, and also I knew that in order for me to move forward And grow, I had to leave. It wasn’t easy, but I knew I had to be done I would be causing more harm to my children if I stayed.

As soon as I left I was hired to do sales in the medical field selling laboratory and radiology services. As everyone knows sales is not the easiest job. You not only have to have confidence in the product that you’re so selling but you also need the confidence and faith in yourself to deliver the service. I instantly doubled my income but quickly realized I had another issue, I realized that i was a big part of the toxic relationship problem. I enabled him for so many years and I tolerated because i unconsciously believed “This is as good as it would get”. I realized that I had been so broken that I needed help getting to the root issue as to why I felt so unworthy and I was going to need a lot of help and support rebuilding my confidence and regaining my strength. I hired coaches and mentors to learn from and to help me rebuild and gain confidence in the work that I was doing. As life would have it, it was in the line of work is where I found my strength and confidence. I was so impacted by my coaches that I am now doing life coaching and empowering men women all over the world who have also felt like powerless victims of their circumstances and I encourage them and support them through the process of self discovery and self mastery. I host empowering events, coach master classes, workshops, and ongoing masterminds. I collaborate with other successful, highly ambitious women who are also similarly passionate about empowering others. To name a few Melanie Marden, Maxim Magazine cover model. Top earners at Golden Memorial Insurance, Erika Morales. I am passionate about this work because I know what it feels like to be depressed, feeling unworthy, anxious and empty with the feeling that life has no meaning or purpose. Through my story, through my pain, I have found my purpose. And I want encourage everyone out there also that through their pain they too will also find their purpose. I want encourage everyone to not give up hope, to not lose themselves, and to not give up and lose their dreams. Everyone can make an impact on the world but it starts with small steps and in order to make the impact, we have to share our stories and keep striving for more. Our stories shed light similar to that of a beacon tower to someone else who needs hope and inspiration. See in life we experience things that cause us to dim our light yet it is up to us to keep pushing through to ensure that our light keeps shining bright so that we can help others find theirs. that is why we’re all here. That is why we exist.

Manifesting and Mimosas Events

Manifesting & Mimosas is a sisterhood community that was created from a heart centered place of love and compassion with the Intention to support, inspire, uplift and motivate women of all backgrounds. 

It’s not only a space where we openly share our stories of struggles, setbacks and failures but its also and educational platform where we teach women how to push past their self limiting beliefs, doubts and fears through different mindset techniques, meditation, educational tools etc. 

After spending just a few minutes in this atmosphere you’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on any challenge your life may present to you and accomplish every single goal! Women all over Los Angeles are raving about Manifesting and Mimosas and it’s become quite the trendsetting spark that’s needed in our communities and it’s encouraging more women to create their own series of seminars. The ripple effect is quite incredible!!

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